Densha de GO! 2 (3000 series / 64)

The Routes in the Game

You can select from a few different train lines in the game, sorted by region. The regions and routes in them are as follows:

Hokuriku Region

To the northwest of Tokyo, against the Sea of Japan is this mostly rural area. Although not snowy in-game, it's the area with the highest amount of snow in Japan.

Train Lines (in-game): Hokuhoku Line.

Tōhoku Region

To the north and northeast of Tokyo is an area with harsh climate known for being scenic and remote.

Train Lines (in-game): Akita Shinkansen, Ōu Main Line, Tazawako Line.

Kantō Region

The "center" of Japan. It includes the Greater Tokyo Area. Approximately one third of Japan's population live here.

Train Lines (in-game): Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Yamanote Line.

Kansai Region

Lies south/center-wise in the main island of Japan and includes the urban area of Ōsaka, Kōbe and Kyōto. Second most populated area in Japan.

Train Lines (in-game): JR Kōbe Line (Tōkaidō Main Line).

Tōhoku Region (bonus)

These are bonus routes for the Tōhoku Region.

Train Lines (in-game): Tōhoku Shinkansen.